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This number says it’s “IN USE” or “Not Available,” Can you help me with it?

By Bill Quimby on May 23, 2023

Yes and no. No, we can’t make someone else sell you their house, no matter how perfect it would be for you. But we can help you find all the best available numbers. If you define success only as getting that one perfect number that isn’t available, you’re setting yourself up for failure. We do show a lot of numbers as Requestable (in BLUE with a link to a Request Form). We also have more information on how YOU can dig deeper for an 800 number than anyone else but if a number says IN USE, we can’t request it for you. There really are no phone number bounty hunters.

We can help you more than anyone, by being more creative and thorough, and coming up with hundreds of related options. When you have to give bad news to someone, it’s always easier if you give them a handful of good alternatives. Our system gives you hundreds, but pick out the top 3-4 options and include that to your boss, if you can’t get the one he or she really wants. If you want to look even better copy our whole list of alternatives to show how much research you did AND include just the top handful to make it easier for them to pick one of the available options rather than dreaming up the next most perfect number for you to chase!

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Daniel Zuloaga

Naples, FL

Thank you for helping me to procure the perfect 800 number for Heartbreak Hotline! I did quite a bit of research before my purchase and discovered that many companies sell" or "lease" you a number that you do not really own! I appreciate that you run an honest company that sells numbers that can be ported anywhere one chooses. You have very affordable pricing, your customer service is outstanding and follow up is very impressive. Bill thank you for helping to get Heartbreak Hotline off to a great start!"

Leslie Joyce

Heartbreak Hotline

Sarasota, FL

You guys were the best! We are a small business and we have to do it all ourselves. Sometimes we know clearly what needs to be done, and sometimes we don't . Although it might seem easy, selecting the right toll free number is not as easy as you think. You guys helped us select the perfect number that would represent the theme of our business and drive revenue. Thank you for guiding us, doing the research and helping us make a smart business decision in selecting our toll free number. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Phyllis Payne

Amarillo, TX