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This number says it’s “IN USE” or “Not Available,” Can you help me with it?

By Bill Quimby on May 23, 2023

Yes and no. No, we can’t make someone else sell you their house, no matter how perfect it would be for you. But we can help you find all the best available numbers. If you define success only as getting that one perfect number that isn’t available, you’re setting yourself up for failure. We do show a lot of numbers as Requestable (in BLUE with a link to a Request Form). We also have more information on how YOU can dig deeper for an 800 number than anyone else but if a number says IN USE, we can’t request it for you. There really are no phone number bounty hunters.

We can help you more than anyone, by being more creative and thorough, and coming up with hundreds of related options. When you have to give bad news to someone, it’s always easier if you give them a handful of good alternatives. Our system gives you hundreds, but pick out the top 3-4 options and include that to your boss, if you can’t get the one he or she really wants. If you want to look even better copy our whole list of alternatives to show how much research you did AND include just the top handful to make it easier for them to pick one of the available options rather than dreaming up the next most perfect number for you to chase!

We've helped tens of thousands of customers get great numbers over the past 25+ years

These days very few companies provide outstanding customer service. TollFreeNumbers.com is not one of them! I was apprehensive at first when trying to purchase a Toll Free number as I had very knowledge on the process. I choose to make the purchase through TollFreeNumbers.com and I am glad I did. Right from the start I received step by step help to guide me through the process and that made it very easy. Even though I am located in Canada, the process was very easy. Thank you Rita, Gloria and Bill for your help. Regards, Robert Miranda, Owner, Mesh Networks. www.meshnetworks.ca

Robert Miranda

Toll Free Numbers.com was fast and easy to use. Within days I was able to purchase my desired Toll Free Number, have it up and running and switch the number over to my carrier with no complications. They also had real people who I was able to contact that answered all of my questions. I would highly recommend this web site to anybody and everybody looking to purchase a toll free number.

Amanda Diario

Los angeles, CA

Love your service so far! I keep recommending you to new people, so hopefully some of them are signing up :-) There's a startup community" in San Francisco - all kinds of smart people moving to the USA to build tech businesses - I keep telling them to use you guys because it means they get an awesome number, plus the ability to redirect it elsewhere later on (ideal for business cards - heaps better than using a cell number in my opinion :-)"

Chris Drake

Statesville, NC