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Great Graphic Artist

by Bill Quimby

Posted on Sat Oct 15 2016


Im not an artist but I found a great one a couple years ago and he has done so much for my little niche I want to thank him for hundreds of great pictures that tell amazing stories He is an amazing artist and great asset and I would whole heartedly recommend him to anyone looking to explain things or communicate You can get a good custom picture for about the price of the typical stock photo website But the right custom picture can tell a picture even better Another surprise benefit I didnt realize was that people never disagree with a picture I think its because it shows much more effort and you wouldnt have done the picture if it wasnt true I also think people have so much less time and dont want to read as much as they used to Youre also competing with a lot of other more compelling content So you have to look good and get the idea across faster today than ever before Another good tip I found is to search for the concept of what youre looking for on google in their image search Find something you like or even a couple examples in clipart or line drawings and then use those as examples It makes it easier for him to get just what you need if you have good examples Add a heading to make the point and something custom in the image about the theme It takes some time to get them done but Gary is awesome and so worth it