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Brand New Website is up and a new lookup is coming soon

by Bill Quimby

Posted on Mon Oct 24 2016


Ive done this a long time I started TollFreeNumberscom in before ATT even had a real website and most other phone companies even existed Its gone through a number of total revisions The last one was more just the outter homepage I kind of liked the keypad and it was hard to drop that The new one is more different too The lookup tool is the main feature so thats always on top A video spot is next to it because Im trying to make a video for most of the pages or at least main things going forward I want to play a different short video every time someone does a search so if it takes some time to get the results you have some entertaining information in the mean time They also get the idea across faster and were competing with more sites and things than ever before I also had to simplify things and make it more cell phone friendlyThe word cloud is very different and designed to help in the creativity process and get people to try different related terms In the future the words in the cloud will change and be related to whatever term you put in to search for So you can kind of surf and explore different related terms much quicker and easier Theres a lot more to come with a whole new search process and an unprescendented amount of information about numbers to help customers understand and get the best possible numbers