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We not only dig deeper helping you to be creative and finding more numbers in the available pool but we also find numbers in the DISCONNECT aging process, Premium numeric #s, True800 #s, and even Third party #s we can connect you with.

If you haven't figured it out by now, we're different! We're not a big company but we are HUGE phone number geeks and we're here for just one reason, to get you the best possible phone number that you OWN and can use with ANY toll free service. If they say it's so much per minute they're SELLING you the service that they get a commission from and have a financial incentive to keep you there.

The real difference between us and everyone else is that you OWN any number you get from us with NO STRINGS and can use it with ANY toll free service. We give better proof of ownership and full end user rights and portability for a one time fee of $49 for most of the available toll free numbers and $99 for the "800" ones. Everyone else is trying to sell you the service and keep you there paying them for the service, so unfortunately today many of the companies you find on the internet claim ownership of any number you get from them in the fine print of their terms of service. That means once you put it into your advertising, you're stuck with them practically forever which is great for them but ends horrible for you.

How Toll Free Numbers work?

Toll free numbers just ring to or forward to whatever local number you want. They're not physical lines but more like remote call forwarded numbers. They give you a bigger more memorable front door to your business. With a toll free number you can change the ring to number, route and control it, and track the calls much better than with a local number. It gives you a bigger company image and makes you feel more local everywhere.

3 Basic Types of Numbers

To simplify it a little for you there are three basic types of toll free numbers that we offer, Regular AVAILBLE numbers, PREMIUM numbers, and DISCONNECTED Numbers.

Available #s

Regular AVAILABLE numbers are immediately AVAILABLE for a ONE TIME fee of $49 for the non-800 numbers and $99 for the "800" numbers. And if you want a "random" 800 number it's only $79.

Disconnected #s

Disconnected numbers aren't immediately available but they're in the aging process before they become available. They're kind of coming soon. If you backorder it we'll do the research and tell you exactly when it comes out and then try to grab it for you in the first second or two when it becomes available.

Premium #s

We also have a few "nice" numeric numbers. We've broken them down into 4 different levels, 1 star ($99), 2 star ($299), 3 star ($599), and 4 star ($999) numbers. Nice numeric numbers are difficult to get because they are visible to phone companies and they valuable for any customer of any phone company. So there is a lot of competition to get good numeric numbers. We show a selection of premium numbers on the lookup tool but don't maintain or distribute a master list.

Order Process

  • Use the Lookup tool on the top of TollFreeNumbers.com
  • Enter short words or phrases - Be Creative!
  • Click on whatever number you like
  • It's easy to Order Online
  • Enter your initial local ring to number
  • Then your basic customer information
  • You'll get a receipt right away and the full documentation the following day generally before noon
  • We give you free temporary service for the first 30 days / 100 mins
  • Then you even get a year of free parking just waiting to transfer it.

Think of us as your insurance policy against picking the wrong service and getting stuck when they claim ownership of your number after it's in all your advertising and your customers are used to calling it. Your needs are going to change and you don't want to be stuck with one toll free service for the life of your business


Can I change the ring to number?

If it's in the first 30 days you can send us your information via email to request the toll free number to be changed. If you've already transferred the number away to another carrier go through them.

Can I point a toll free number to another toll free number?

No you can NOT point a toll free number directly to another toll free number. It's like dividing by zero, it just isn't possible to do. You can point your toll free number to the same local ring to number as the other toll free number, or can transfer it to the same toll free service as the other number.

How long does it take to set up?

It takes some actual work but we do our part pretty quick. You should still give it at least 24 hours for it to be active in the phone company switches it has to get into. Most phone companies will put the calls through then although a few might take a little bit longer. It can also take a little bit longer on the weekend. Either way you'll get the documentation via e-mail usually later in the day or night that you ordered it. (Backorders are more involved and obviously take more time and effort but it will be started as soon as they are confirmed)

What happens after the free temporary service expires?

After the first 100 minutes or 30 days if you haven't transferred the number to another carrier the forwarding stops and it automatically goes into a year of Free Parking, just waiting for you to transfer it to whatever company you want to use for the ongoing service. This gives you time to get your ducks in a row and you don't have to do anything for this.

Can we extend the temporary service?

You can purchase a one time extension of 250 minutes or 30 days for $25. This is NOT for ongoing use and is only available if you are already in the process of transferring the number. Extensions are also non-refundable even if the number is released the same day as the extension is ordered. Canadian termination is $25 for 125 minutes. A second extension is $50 for 500 minutes (or 30 days) and a third is $100 for 1000 minutes (or 30 days).

What happens if I don't transfer the number?

We err on the side of protecting your ownership of a number but if you haven't transferred your number away it can be considered abandoned after 3-5 years of inactivity. You can purchase additional years of parking for $18.95 each.

Do you offer volume discounts?

We can give you a 10% discount when you order 10 or more numbers at a time, a 20% discount when you order 25 or more numbers at a time, and 30% when you order 50 or more numbers at a time.

How much is it per min?

Everyone else charges per minute and per month because they're SELLING you the toll free service which also means they have a financial incentive to keep you there. We are the only independent resporg that is NOT selling any toll free service. We give you the first 100 minutes or 30 days of service for FREE and then it goes into Free Parking, just waiting for you to transfer it to whatever company you want to use for the ongoing service.

Is there any ongoing cost?

We are the only company not selling the service and therefore do NOT have ANY ongoing cost, no per minute charges, no monthly fee and NO STRINGS! Everyone one else will say it's so much per minute or month because they're getting you the number in order to sell you the service. That means there's STRINGS and they have a financial incentive to keep you there paying for the service that pays them a commission. We do NOT do that at TollFreeNumbers.com, so there is NO ongoing cost, no terms, no strings. You can transfer the number immediately to whatever service you want with NO STRINGS!

How long does it take to transfer the number?

We make it a point to release numbers faster than anyone else in the industry, releasing them the same day we receive them because it's more a part of our job and why people come to us. Unlike regular phone companies that have an incentive to hold onto customers we have an incentive to release them and it's part of the purpose that customers came to us in the first place. So we look for a reason to release them and do it as fast as possible rather than looking for an excuse not to or dragging our feet.