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Do you need a PIN number to transfer a toll free number?

By Bill Quimby on April 24, 2023

You can point a toll free number to a cell phone but if a representative at your cell phone company asks you for a PIN number, you're dealing with doesn't know toll free. PIN numbers are used to transfer LOCAL numbers not toll free numbers. The rep asking for a PIN number is trying to port it in like a local number and that does NOT work.

Most cell phone companies are pretty dumb about toll free service. The good news is that you don't have to use your cell phone company for the toll free service in order to forward a toll free number to your cell phone. It's kind of like going to the car dealer you bought your car from for tires. They don't sell tires, but there are plenty of tire companies that will provide tires that work on your car. A company that specializes in tires will give you a much better deal and know what they're doing better than the salesperson at the car dealer.

You can point any number you get from us at TollFreeNumbers.com to your cell phone right in the signup process. In the packet we send you after order a number, with the toll free birth certificate and the proof of ownership, are a couple companies that can do it. They are very competitive and forward toll free numbers to cell phones, all the time. I'd use one of those or anyone that specializes in toll free and run away from anyone asking for a PIN number to transfer a toll free number, because they're using the wrong system. I don't know that much about setting up a cellphone, but I do know toll free numbers, as the founder of TollFreeNumbers.com almost 30 years ago.

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Michael Eymer

Denver, CO

Thank you for all of your assistance in finding a toll free number. You personally helped me in finding a number for our business over a month ago and it is in place and working just fine. Thanks again

Will Lewis

Bakersfield, CA

The service you provide is innovative and the integration from search to purchase is seamless. Your followup is top notch. The forms and recommendation for number transfer is the best. It's nice to be on the recipient side of such great service. Your company is number 1 with me. Keep up the good work!

Broderick Allen

Locust grove, GA