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Are you hungry for some True 800 numbers?

By Bill Quimby on May 17, 2023

Are you disappointed that your regular phone company can’t get you any “800” numbers any more? We’ll you’re in the right place. We’re one of the only sources left to get real “1-800” numbers today. We still have plenty of True 1-800 numbers left and they’re inexpensive too. We even offer them in quantity from large campaigns.

Many other phone companies buy them from us and offer them to their biggest phone companies. But many of them claim ownership of them and once they’re in your advertising, they tell you that they are THEIR numbers or proprietary, and you can cancel the service, but you can’t take their numbers with you if you want to use any other service. They do that to prevent you from being able to leave, or to make it harder to leave.

That’s why it’s worth just a few dollars up front to OWN your number with no strings. We give you proof of ownership and that insures you can’t be held hostage by any service. Do a search for “8000” or any premium number and you’ll get a list of the premium numbers available at different levels. If you have any questions about quantity orders email the owner Bill Quimby (Bill at TollFreeNumbers .com) to inquire about our “True 800s”.

We've helped tens of thousands of customers get great numbers over the past 25+ years

I love the service you provide! Rita was extremely help full in successfully getting me the number I back ordered. I plan on using this service again and again!

Ryan Lamain

I really can't thank this company enough. They handle your account like you're a member of their family, and they are very professional and quick. And the services are inexpensive, and very helpful. You feel completely supported through each step

Kirsten Tretbar

Overland park, KS

I would like to thank Tollfreenumbers.com for their services offered in setting up our toll free number. We had looked at other providers and found it hard to find a number that would work for our business. They had many options and we were able to find the perfect one for us! They were very fast and professional. Thanks for helping us get our business up and running!

Crystal Wilson

All American Home Buyers

Broomfield, CO