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Are you hungry for some True 800 numbers?

By Bill Quimby on May 17, 2023

Are you disappointed that your regular phone company can’t get you any “800” numbers any more? We’ll you’re in the right place. We’re one of the only sources left to get real “1-800” numbers today. We still have plenty of True 1-800 numbers left and they’re inexpensive too. We even offer them in quantity from large campaigns.

Many other phone companies buy them from us and offer them to their biggest phone companies. But many of them claim ownership of them and once they’re in your advertising, they tell you that they are THEIR numbers or proprietary, and you can cancel the service, but you can’t take their numbers with you if you want to use any other service. They do that to prevent you from being able to leave, or to make it harder to leave.

That’s why it’s worth just a few dollars up front to OWN your number with no strings. We give you proof of ownership and that insures you can’t be held hostage by any service. Do a search for “8000” or any premium number and you’ll get a list of the premium numbers available at different levels. If you have any questions about quantity orders email the owner Bill Quimby (Bill at TollFreeNumbers .com) to inquire about our “True 800s”.

We've helped tens of thousands of customers get great numbers over the past 25+ years

I had previously tried many other sites and none could find an availability for the vanity phone number I wanted with my business name. I found tollfreenumbers.com and e-mailed Bill for advice and within hours I got a recommendation for not just one but, 2 vanity numbers with my business name, exactly as I wanted! There was a toll-free and local number available, so I bought both. This was my first time buying a vanity number and they made the process so simple, I just paid and within 24 hours it was activated! Im very satisfied with their service and that I was able to get a phone number with my business name, I was really bummed out when I first couldnt find any availability from the other sites, Im really satisfied and recommend tollfreenumbers.com to anybody. You wont find this customer service anywhere else.


Carrollton, TX

: Bill's service at 1-800-MARKETER and www.tollfreenumbers.com simply rocks. I can't say enough good things about him. If you have ever started looking for reasonable toll free numbers you know what a swamp it is out there. Bill provides a most welcome rock of dependability and sanity in that quagmire. His service is creative, courteous and quick without being 'pushy'. I don't look elsewhere anymore. refreshingly comprehensive

Gerrit Velthuysen

Columbus, OH

let me tell you-- with Bill Quimby PERSONALLY helping me (and the great assistance of you (Rita) and Gloria!) everything went great. I had picked out one number BUT Bill picked out a better one!!! I am so pleased and this is going to help me grow my business sooo much! Thanks so much for your help. I was so hesitant to do this because there are so many negative things written on the internet about services" such as this that had me quite concerned, but this is THE REAL DEAL!!! I called a couple of the references that you publish and they both said that Quimby and Company are genuine, and that's a fact! Thanks again.

David Buckler

Granbury, TX