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It seems to be a rule that big phone companies always blame the other guy

By Bill Quimby on May 17, 2023

Maybe it’s because the Resporg dept. is behind several layers in literally every phone company, and you can’t talk directly to the people that release 800 numbers anywhere else. But whenever an 800 number change doesn’t go through, it’s always the other guys fault.

They seem to automatically blame the other guy. They will even say it was declined because of name and address mismatch or zip code mismatch, the most common reasons a number is declined, when the request hasn’t even gone through yet. It’s ok to ask us about it, but don’t assume that it went through and is waiting on us, just because your phone company says that. Maybe it’s because it happens so often that they say that’s the reason automatically.

People come to us because we’re small and responsive, kind of the opposite of most other phone companies. And it’s easy to reach us when your phone company blames us. Just take that with a grain of salt, because it’s almost never the small responsive company that’s holding things up. We make this a priority, and are happy to be here for you and make this go smoothly.

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Thank you Bill for excellent service. I have bought two excellent 800 numbers from you, the last being 855 SALESKING. I never expected to get an 800 number with my exact company name. Thank you again for your excellent service and ability to secure awesome 800 numbers for me.

Tom Gaffney

Satellite beach, FL

Thank you so much for a great service from tollfreenumbers.com I searched over the internet and your service was by far the easiest and most professional. We are very happy with our new toll free number 877-50-PINOT and we are about to launch our wine e-commerce site pinotwarehouse.com in the next couple of weeks. Thanks and I raise a glass of Pinot Noir to you!

Walid Romaya

Alpine, CA

Thanks so much Rita! It is so REFRESHING to deal with a company where you are not just a transaction id! To have both you and Bill reach out to help me out with this porting issue was AMAZING!! Thanks so much for all of your help and you will be the first one I go to next time I need an 800 number! Happy Holidays and have a GREAT NEW YEAR!

Chet Cotter

San diego, CA