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Why do we do all this?

By Bill Quimby on November 2, 2023

This requires a huge amount of data and a ton of processing to produce something totally unique in the whole telecom world. When you think about it that way, I guess it’s obvious why nobody else does anything like this.

The answer is that we’re huge number geeks and we really just want to help as many people get the best numbers possible. There are plenty of websites selling “their” numbers, but no other sites show you this many options, all their competitors’ numbers, (REQUESTS) and nobody anywhere helps you get numbers yourself for FREE! (DIY4FREE) You could say telling people how to get great numbers for free might hurt our sales, but we show you EVERYTHING because this is our mission!

We've helped tens of thousands of customers get great numbers over the past 25+ years

The website was easy to find a great number. So impressed that the number was up and working the next day. Would recommend 1 800Marketer to anyone needing a vanity toll free number.

Duane Schwingel

Chiefland, FL

A great experience. We found the number we wanted, were notified when it came available, and quickly put it in use. I especially appreciated the way the team at tollfreenumbers.com walks you through every step of the process, taking what could easily be a tedious process and making it quick, easy and painless.

Claire Chambers

New york, NY

From looking at your site, you receive many many compliments and just want you to know that mine are both genuine and based on my experience with customer service...both from a consultant who teaches business principles AND from the perspective of the new retail business we have started. Thank you!

Joel Quinn

Roswell, GA