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Request this FLOTRAX number

This number isn’t in “Available” status, but it might be possible. It’s with Flotrax and we can get you in touch with the right person there. They do a lot of work with misdials so their numbers may go to something sounding like it's in use. They do release numbers, but will often require a multi year contract. They offer a good service and are easy to work with so you will probably do well with their service. You can use it until the term is completed, and then transfer a number away or you can leave at any time, even when you just signup, if you prepay for the remaining months of service.

I can get you to the right person. I’ve known them for several years and they’re good to work with. It’ll probably take a business day or two, to reach them but someone will call or email you back as soon as we can get an answer for you, about it.

Of course, you’re welcome to contact them yourself. Make sure you tell them we sent you. There’s no obligation. I’m just trying to help make it easy for as many people as possible. Getting third party numbers isn't cheap like getting numbers out of the spare pool or in disconnect, but if they have one you really need, it's worth talking to them. Let me know how important this is, anything else you’re interested in and any other questions or comments. I can’t promise anything since it’s a third party’s number, but I’ll definitely help you any way I can.

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Bill and Rita are wonderful. You have the best toll free number service, bar none, and I greatly appreciate your willingness to talk me through every step of the process. Best of luck to you.

Victor Sipos

South jordan, UT

Thank you toll free numbers.com for all of your help! We searched other carriers and could never get the numbers we wanted. Now thanks to tollfreenumbers.com we have a great vanity number and are properly banding our company. Forever Grateful;

Brian Berrios

Longwood, FL

I am impressed with 1-800 MARKETER. I have used other companies to acquire 800 numbers and the process has been ok, but with 1-800 Marketer the communication is thorough and immediate. I made a mistake in my order which caused me to be charged double, my fault. They caught the mistake and corrected it. Hope and team are great. I will use them going forward and I will confidently recommend them to clients and colleagues.

Jason Mitton

Cleveland, OH