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Customer of TollFreeNumbers.com

This is with a customer of TollFreeNumbers.comthat has a volume of numbers and might be willing to release it. We can contact him for you and put you in touch with them if necessary. We don't give out customer information unless they agree, but can make an inquiry for you if it's helpful.

-Bill Quimby


Customer of TollFreeNumbers.com

Two Digit Code1K
Five Digit Code1KEND
Additional Name(s)None
Trouble Referral #call us at 1-800 MARKETER

We've helped tens of thousands of customers get great numbers over the past 25+ years

Thank you so much for your attention and courtesy. You folks run a great operation. I am certain I will have the pleasure of doing business with you again - soon

Jacques von

Speyer Palm desert, CA

I got the exact vanity number I wanted, and was treated with personal attention right away. I was even given some extra, smart marketing advice that reduced our startup time by at least a week. I am so glad I called TollFreeNumbers.com (1 800 MARKETER) in our first week in business -- our phone number and advice are already worth their weight in gold. Very grateful.

Captain Jim's Trivia

New york, NY

This is my second time using 800-Marketer or tollfreenumbers.com. Just like the first time, I found your service to be the most comprehensive and providing the most value added services included in the price such as the free 30 days of call forwarding service.. Your process is simple, directions on porting the number to a new provider were easy to understand. Your communication was top notch, and the provided documentation including a birth certificate" for the number was thorough and complete and made for another satisfying experience. Although there are many choices available out there based on my experience after using your company a couple of times only a fool would go anywhere else for help when buying another 800 or a toll free number. Thank you I will be back soon.

Justin Kiluk

Tustin, CA