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Customer of TollFreeNumbers.com

This is with a customer of TollFreeNumbers.comthat has a volume of numbers and might be willing to release it. We can contact him for you and put you in touch with them if necessary. We don't give out customer information unless they agree, but can make an inquiry for you if it's helpful.

-Bill Quimby


Customer of TollFreeNumbers.com

Two Digit Code1K
Five Digit Code1KEND
Additional Name(s)None
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We've helped tens of thousands of customers get great numbers over the past 25+ years

I was in the market for a toll free number for sometime and not seeming to get anywhere with the local or even VoIP carriers. I wanted a vanity number that pertained to my business name, TeL-DaTa Communications. After speaking personally with Bill Quimby, which is rare these days you speak to the owner and founder, he told me how his company could get the number I wanted, host it for 30 days so it would forward to my office number and that was that! I got the number I wanted for what you would way for a nice dinner, it worked that day and when I got ready to port the number it took just days NOT weeks like other companies... My hat is off to Tollfreenumbers.com and their staff, wonderful job and 1-855-ASK-TELDATA is working great as a SIP Trunk!

Walt Orze

Belleview, FL

Thanks for making the process painless, quick and very low effort. My VOIP phone provider forwarded me to your web site, and a process that has taken me weeks to complete in the past was completed in less than a day.

Jim McNeese

Newport beach, CA

Bill, Rita, and the entire TollFreeNumbers.com team were extremely helpful in guiding us through the maze that normally constitutes the acquisition of a vanity number. Their websites vanity number search engine made the usually lengthy process a snap! We got a great vanity number with the click of a button and received a most thorough packet thereafter detailing how to get the number activated, transferred to a carrier, set-up, and so forth. What was most valuable was Bills insight into carrier selection based on his many years of experience in the industry. There is nothing else out there that even comes close to the service that TollFreeNumbers.com provides. Thank you!

Matt Allen

Bronx, NY