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About Us

About Us

We are your 1-800 EXPERTS and have helped more customers get vanity numbers than anyone else in the country, because that’s all we’ve done for over 20 years. We’re the ONLY company that’s not trying to sell the ongoing service, getting you the best possible number that you OWN and can use with any phone company.

Our Founder

Bill Quimby wrote the book on toll free numbers and founded TollFreeNumbers.com in 1995. He has been one of the nation's leading experts in the toll free and vanity number industry for 2 decades and helped more people get vanity numbers than anyone else in the country. He's been helping customers find the best available toll free numbers longer than most large phone companies have been around.

What makes us different

The real difference between us at 1-800 MARKETER and the other big companies in this, is that we focus on just this one thing, and do a better job at it while they have to be everything to everyone, like a big warehouse superstore.

You can buy meat at a huge company like Walmart, but you won't be able to talk to the owner or even anyone that specializes in it, because nobody there specializes in this. Think of us like a butcher shop, specializing in this niche with more options, more experience and more help! At a big phone company you're just a number and toll free is an afterthought. Vanity numbers are an afterthought of an afterthought to them. On the other hand we know all of that because this is what we have specialized in and done better than anyone else for over 20 years!

They're really selling you the SERVICE.

TollFreeNumbers.com lets you OWN your number

The other big difference between us and literally everyone else in the toll free business is that everyone else is trying to "SELL" you the service. They're NOT getting you the number with no strings like we are. You can tell this by asking them the price. If they give you a price per minute and/or per month they're SELLING you the service and no matter what they say they have a financial incentive to keep you there paying for service and helping you transfer it away to the service YOU want. Another clue is that there are strings is if they say the toll free number is FREE. That means they're giving you the number as part of their service and they may end up requiring you to keep the service if you want the number, that's in all your advertising and your customers are used to calling.

Some are even worse claiming they're "RENTING" you the number or some variation of that. Anyone that rents or leases numbers is claiming the ownership rights as the end user AND trying to sell you the ongoing service too. Not to mention that you don't own the number and the more you advertise it the more at their mercy you'll become!

Even if they also charge you a fee to set up the number, there are "strings" or fine print that may not be obvious and is never explained to you, but once the number is in all your advertising those strings can suddenly turn into chains! That's why you want to get your number independently and transfer it over to your service, so they can't say it was a component of their service and use it to hold you hostage.

Your 1-800 EXPERTS

Think of us as your 1-800 EXPERTS, your insurance policy against picking the wrong company and getting stuck with a phone company that claims, that the toll free number is part of the service they're providing but you can't take it with you without their service. Even after you've transferred the number away you have an expert to turn to as a backup with questions about toll free numbers.

Being small also means you can talk to a real person that knows what they're doing not some overseas call center that does a little of that among a lot of other things. You can call a real person at 1-800 MARKETER and actually talk to the owner and the people that actually do the work. Try doing that at ANY other phone company today.

We've helped tens of thousands of customers get great numbers over the past 25+ years

This is the second time I have used TollFreeNumbers.com to acquire a Vanity number and, once again, you have provided outstanding service. Your Search and Recommendation engine makes finding a number quicker and easier than any other service I have tried. You can spend hours searching for numbers on other sites. Also, your service post acquisition is incredible! The documentation, auto-completed transfer forms and service provider reviews and recommendations are so helpful. I wish more companies offered the level of service that TollFreeNumbers.com provides. You are THE go to company for toll free numbers!

Jeff Mauer

Rome, GA

I appreciate the means in which you make working with your company very user friendly and easy. u take the time to communicate and I would happily refer others to your company should they need assistance in obtaining a 800 number. thanks!

Harvey Lerner

Phoenix, AZ

We have used your service (1 800 MARKETER) for several years, as your team makes it simple to obtain numbers and easy to have them transferred even proactively sending us reminders when needed. Your support is very much appreciated.

Julia Murphy

Aldie, VA