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489 Resporgs · 44,477,420 Total Numbers

There are 480 “Resporgs” aka. phone companies but that’s kind of misleading since so many are inactive or in some cases have probably never even logged in, in years if at all. Another large percentage are in organizations with multiple resporgs, sometimes with the same name, and sometimes all different names. This can be the result of mergers and acquisitions, or just people creating multiple resporgs, to get more numbers during rationing or releases, or trying to hide how many numbers they have and who they’re associated with.

Whatever the reasons, these dead and redundant resporgs make it very hard to see the real numbers and size of organizations, even for people in the industry. That’s why I’ve analyzed the numbers with every resporg, found their websites and researched their service, in order to organize them by organization and by category.

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