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Very few people really grasp how a toll free call successfully routes from point A to point B every time and at the lowest possible cost without issues.

DIPVTEL brings together the top 3 US carriers, connecting them to 2 redundant switches, to offer a 99.9% solid service. being a Resporg allows them to use all 3 carriers on the same toll free numbers to offer advanced Resporg and Routing service and Number management.


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We've helped tens of thousands of customers get great numbers over the past 25+ years

Just a thank you note regarding to your worldclass support in locate/portationing/transfering our 1-800 number. Your service is appreciated and we would like the world to know that...

Newt Nguyen

Garden grove, CA

I choose 1 800Marketer because they have a web site that is easy to use. I also wanted to own the number so I could move it to any phone company. Customer service is very professional and helpful.

Jerry Conklin

Toms river, NJ

From looking at your site, you receive many many compliments and just want you to know that mine are both genuine and based on my experience with customer service...both from a consultant who teaches business principles AND from the perspective of the new retail business we have started. Thank you!

Joel Quinn

Roswell, GA