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Integra Telecom

170 year old encumbent phone company in Canada.

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Integra Telecom

Integra Telecom Logo
Two Digit CodeIM
Five Digit CodeIMT01
Additional Name(s)IntegraTelecom redirects to AllStream
Total Numbers25,901
Trouble Referral #888-404-4080
Mailing Address18110 SE 34th Street, Building 1
Suite 100
Vancouver, WA 98663

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You guys are amazing. As soon as we get our website up (about 2 weeks), I will for sure send you a testimonial. I've never had this level of service before. Thanks!

Andy Chen

Porter ranch, CA

The folks at Virtual PBX have the highest regards for your team and you they expressed that a number of times it underscored the fact that while my experience was FANTASTIC, it was not unique in the sense that it appears that ALL your customers get to experience the me level of consistent and exceptional service and that is awesome! We hope to emulate that exceptional service and consistency in our business as well. It was truly a wonderful experience my thanks again, and I will surely recommend your service to anyone looking for it.

MK Sathya

Yorba linda, CA

He personally answered my questions when I called! He was amazing, helpful and no one out there is more knowledgeable regarding the procedures for acquiring toll free numbers. I wouldn't dream of using any other service. I wouldn't trust any other service as well. I would give Bill Quimby a ten on a scale of one-to five:) Kudos and thank you for being so professional!!!! Robert J. Coyle , Esq. Attorney at Law The Hamptons,Long Island, New York.

Robert J. Coyle

New york, NY