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Misdial Marketing Resporgs

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Most people don't even know this business exists. Just like some companies make money from domain names that are typos to popular sites, some companies make money off of typos to popular numbers. They used to offer phone sex but now they take surveys and offer special deals sometimes related to the company you were looking for. To them it's a "Numbers" game,

If the amount of money you make is based on the number of good toll free numbers you have, how many good toll free numbers would you want? The answer is obviously all that you can get without disrupting the industry. And that's what has been happening for decades. That giant sucking sound is the misdial companies sucking up all the good toll free numbers faster than anyone. This is especially noticable when we analyze just the Top 1% numbers.!

Misdial Marketing

We've helped tens of thousands of customers get great numbers over the past 25+ years

This is our second purchase and the transaction was very simple and very easy. There are no issues with transferring your number anywhere you like.

Kelly Myers

Mooresville, NC

Very professional - fast, efficient and personalized service. It was refreshing to speak with a real person when I called. Highly highly recommended

Andrew Allen

I am so glad we came across your company. EVERYONE is so polite and courteous. Getting the 800 number was a no brain er for us. A wonderful marketing tool and it definitely makes us look like we've been around for awhile. Thanks you guys!!


Plainfield, IL