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National ComTel

Probably best described as a Telecom Broker, offering a range of voice and internet services, including traditional phone service, VOIP, Tollfree, voicemail, various levels of business internet and managed IT services. They could be considered a Small Phone company or VOIP service but I'm guessing they are more of a broker, selling other services than providing the majroty of these things themselves.

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National ComTel

National ComTel Logo
Two Digit CodeHC
Five Digit CodeHCN01
Additional Name(s)Telecommunicationsdenver.com
Total Numbers778
Trouble Referral #818-992-0759
Mailing Address9249 S. Broadway
Highlands Ranch, CO 80129

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Wow! I didn't know anything about the 800 number market. At my previous company, we needed to get an easy to remember 800 number for a radio ad, and our IT guy chuckled and wished us luck. He suggested that we should not waste our time, but I guess he hadn't seen this service. He did tell me about those companies that buy numbers and resell them to the highest bidder, often for thousands of dollars. Anyway this is a great service and glad to know about it. Thanks! When I need a good 800 number for abetteroffice.com, I'll be sure to return.

Mike Sullivan

New york, NY

Your service was well beyond my expectations for just a Toll-Free Number. Your customer service, follow-up and prompt replies had me realizing what good people, like you, make a difference in a these times of large corp/businesses....especially around anything associated with phone service.

Douglas Perschbacher

Bloomsbury, NJ

Excellent service portal. I happened to come across this site via google, and I am very excited about the possibilities of attaining a number that I have been interested in. Thank you, in advance, for your hard work.

Ahmer Shah

Mobile, AL