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Rogers Communications

Large Canadian carrier offering Wireless, TV, Internet and home monitoring.

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Rogers Communications

Rogers Communications Logo
Two Digit CodeRL
Five Digit CodeRLC01
Additional Name(s)None
Total Numbers191,182
Trouble Referral #800-496-4401
Mailing Address2235 Sheppard Avenue East
Atria II Suite 600
Toronto, ON M2J 5G1

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Bill - as usual your website is flawless and efficient (and obviously still a brilliant concept!) Your lightning-fast feedback and customer service combined with all the value-added services (monthly updates, toll-free birth certificate, user guide with all the great information, etc.) truly puts you at the top of this industry. Anybody would be crazy not to come to your site, search for a good vanity number (or 5 good numbers like I've bought...), and then just get on with their business. Keep up the great work, and as we work on other projects and business units, we'll probably be purchasing more numbers from you fairly soon!

Scott Harvey

Tustin, CA

This is the third time (at three different companies) that I have used TOLLFREENUMBERS.COM. Never an issue, always exactly as ordered. Working with VirtualPBX to get the numbers ported was as easy as could be. Absolutely no hassles.


Sherman, TX

My friend, Wesley Owen, sent me an email with the idea to use your service for a new 800 number. I was very pleased with the suggestion, took his advice. We are just getting ready to revise our websites and make a new splash in the Washington, D.C. piano market. This new telephone number may help us out quite a lot. Thanks for your letter and we wish you much success in your business.


Ashburn, VA