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Verizon Communications

This is the Telco Verizon, not the Verizon Cellular.

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Verizon Communications

Verizon Communications Logo
Two Digit CodeBE
Five Digit CodeBELLA
Additional Name(s)None
Total Numbers90,967
Trouble Referral #800-837-4966
Mailing Address600 Hidden Ridge
Irving, TX 75038

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Thank you for all your help, everything was taken care of extremely fast, our toll-free number was up and running before we even had the phone line setup.

Warren S. Niles

WOW. The easiest and most informative vanity number website around. The staff is amazing and they are the only site I go to for all my company needs. I first found Bill 4 years ago when searching for a catchy number for my Holiday Lite business. I love the fact that my Domain Name and Toll Free number are exactly the same thus branding my company even more making it as easy as possible for future clients to navigate to my company. Since then I have purchased another 3 Vanity Toll Free numbers for my rising construction company. Thanks to Bill and his staff my company has moved in the right direction, getting clients to call and get to my website, Thanks again guys.

Troy J. Lowder

Ladera ranch, CA

The web site was very simple and easy to use. We were very happy to get the number that we needed. Definitely would recommend 1 800Marketer.

Jason Gross

Englewood, CO