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Voxeo Corp

There's a wikipedia listing for Voxeo but there's no website for it.


Their email address is at aspect.com but In May 2021, Aspect and Noble became ALVARIA. You can't keep up with changes in Telecom!

Their site focuses on Customer Experience (the new term for way to describe a call center).

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Voxeo Corp

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Additional Name(s)aspect.com or alvaria.com

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Back in 2005 my business partners and I started a hosting company and ordered a toll free number from you. It's 2013 and we still remember the awesome service we received and now that we are starting another company to build on the success of the first one we came straight to your service for another vanity number! Thanks again for the help!

Matt Boughton

White city, OR

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Jon Ingebrigtson

Salem, OR

After six hours of research and frustration with 800 plans' unmentioned higher instate costs and fine print about the retention and right to unilaterally change assigned toll-free numbers, I found your site. What a relief!! Thank you so much for providing a wonderful service for those of us who could otherwise get ripped off!

Gail Hill

Tallahassee, FL