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Misc Etc

They were probably in the Vanity number business. Not much is really known about them. They still have a 1200 numbers and a high percent of them in the top 1% but there's not much else. If you can add anything about them comment below or email us.

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Misc Etc

Two Digit CodeMQ
Five Digit CodeMQX01
Additional Name(s)None
Total Numbers1,251
Trouble Referral #5087892717
Mailing Address40 Hirams Crossing
Jericho, VT 05465

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So far I must say that this has been the most impressive customer service I've ever worked with before. I did do my homework and found some negative things about you on the internet. But all the critical comments had no facts or bite to them. It just seemed like some one got it in their head to slander you for whatever reason. Since you're toll free number search is the best by far, I decided to have integrity and conduct business with your company. It's funny, by you calling me and issuing this credit, it really shows me that you are nothing less than a marketing guru that works hard, and takes care of business. I'll be coming back for more services very soon.

Andy Chen

Porter ranch, CA

We were really happy to get the toll free number we wanted. The user friendly website made it quick and easy. The low cost service, which came with no strings attached, was much appreciated after having experiences with other services that were more complicated. Thanks TollFreeNumbers! Warmly, Deborah Myers

Deborah Myers

Bonney lake, WA

As always many MANY thanks for your unparalleled help, expertise and professionalism! If 1 /1 000 th of the companies and banks in the USA worked 1 / 1000th as efficiently as you, Bill and your staff, THERE WOULD BE NO ECONOMIC CRISIS !

Anton Mann

Woodland hills, CA