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Secondary Resporgs

106 Resporgs · 995,086 Total Numbers

Resporgs that have less than 50ish numbers and don't have a website or at least an up to date one, are usually Secondary or unused resporgs.

This could be called the "Who Cares" category. I honestly only made it to make it easier to keep the irrelevant resporgs off of the main list for the other categories.

Some of these are the result of mergers and acquisitions which are common in the telecommunications industry. Some are simply resporgs that have probably never been used, because they have the default two test numbers per area code.

Hopefully this is part of why our site is helpful, because we show which resporgs are secondary and which ones important. The only other source for any of this information, at Somos, the database administrator, they don't show the quantity of numbers per resporg or differentiate between resporgs with numbers and those without.


Secondary Resporgs:

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