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Nation Wide 800

azvector.com is in the email address of the contact and the address of the ancient website there it has the same as the phone number and address listed here. Their website still as vague as it was when it was put up in 2011, so we're leaving it in UNKNOWN because it seems nearly defunct and very non specific.

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Nation Wide 800

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Two Digit CodeWD
Five Digit CodeWDE01
Additional Name(s)azvector.com
Total Numbers23
Trouble Referral #602-944-1210
Mailing Address2901 E Camelback Rd
Suite 200
Phoenix, AZ 85016

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I would like to take this opportunity to thank you, Bill and Hope for the A+ customer service youve given me over the years. With your amazing dedication and commitment, Ive managed to secure and own several vanity numbers in that time. If there was a number to be had, 1800Marketers had it. What I found most impressive, was the fact that you follow up after the sale, to be sure the toll free numbers are forwarded to their respective local numbers. You picked up on the fact that one of my numbers had not yet been ported over, so you swung into action, contacted me and resolved the problem. If half of the businesses in customer service had half of the commitment, dedication and personal service as 1800MARKETER, dealing in customer service would be more tolerable, and even pleasurable. Thank you Rita, Bill and Hope for your excellent customer service experience!!

Aaron Siegel

Berkley, MI

thank you Miss Rita for all your help. The numbers are in my Ring Central account already working and taking call from clients... I really appreciate the work your company do and how fast you guys are.

Angelo Pineda

Hyattsville, MD

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Jon Loewy

Franklin, NC