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They have a website and it says they build PBX/VOIP Cloud Communication and Internet Provider for small to medium sized businesses but with only 15 numbers, they aren't using their resporg for anything, and there's plenty of other services on the VOIP list.

Plus the term PBX is very 90s. Everything is called Cloud Communications today or some abbreviation that includes those words...



PBX.com Logo
Two Digit CodeLJ
Five Digit CodeLJX01
Additional Name(s)Go Fiber
Total Numbers15
Trouble Referral #714-448-6555
Mailing Address3815 Bayer Avenue
Long Beach, CA 90808

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I am SO happy with your service!!! I had originally wanted to get 866-FRUIT19 and made the mistake of calling my local business phone service provider and they ended up registering the number for themselves and then they told me about a 3 year contract. When I told them I wasn't interested in such a long contract they called me back to tell me they were releasing the number I wanted over to another client. HA HA HA!! Great way to do business, isn't it? So I came to your site, did a search for some word combination and VOILA!! Your system generated a number that is more than ideal for my purposes! I would have never thought of getting such number and I am so satisfied with the results. My company's website is www.MonaVieFor.US, the number your system located for me was 866-WWW-MV4US!!! I just called back that other provider just to rub it in their face! Thanks to your service, I WIN!!!

Noe Gorrochotegui

Waukesha, WI

We've been so impressed with your service, it's refreshing to experience just quick informative support. I'm grateful we took a risk and successfully got our toll free number with your assistance. - Julie Hammi, CEO, Choomee Inc.

Julie Hammi

San diego, CA

Every time I've ever needed to talk to someone from tollfreenumbers.com, Bill made himself available. It's so great to have done business with them. I greatly appreciate the advice and guidance as it has helped my business grow quickly.

Edwin Delgado

Playa del rey, CA