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We've helped tens of thousands of customers get great numbers over the past 25+ years

Thanks to the tollfreenumbers.com team for consistently great customer service and follow through. The process for purchasing our toll free number could not have gone more smoothly and our experience with your company was seamless and exemplary. We received numerous emails that were designed for a novice such as myself to follow. The porting process to our VOIP network was quick and easy! I highly recommend your service. Thanks again.

Joshua Leiby

Jacksonville, FL

After many Google searches I found a company with a 30 day free trial and signed up. Only to later come across TollFreeNumbers.com's site and find that the company I signed up with was one of the companies that rents your number to you and you do not own it. I called that company the next day and cancelled. I then signed up with TollFreeNumbers.com and had my new number active the same day and I own it! It appears that transferring the number will be easy per the instructions they provided. The company they recommended to transfer to will be more than half the price I was going to pay through the other company. Thank you TollFreeNumbers.com! I will highly recommend you to other business owners that I network with.


Ko Belton, MO

Your service was reliable and prompt. You guys performed exactly as you said you would. And your communication was crystal clear. I wouldnt hesitate to use your service again.

David Stein

New albany, OH