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After over 25 years in the vanity number business I know most of the people in the vanity number business or at least know people that know them. It can be hard to find or reach them though, so I've set up a system to submit requests much quicker and easier for the resporgs that I can.

My goal is to make the ultimate resource for find the best vanity numbers. So even if I can't help you personally, I want to help you reach whoever can, whether it's a phone company or a vanity number business. I will warn you though that most people in the vanity number business base don't have such upfront and straight forward pricing and are usually much more than our numbers.

That's why I share the phone number of every vanity number resporg, and in many cases even facilitate connections where I can. I don't control anyone else's numbers or how they work, so I can't vouch for anyone. But I do my best to help everyone, including everyone in the vanity number business.

Vanity Biz

We've helped tens of thousands of customers get great numbers over the past 25+ years

I am so glad we came across your company. EVERYONE is so polite and courteous. Getting the 800 number was a no brain er for us. A wonderful marketing tool and it definitely makes us look like we've been around for awhile. Thanks you guys!!


Plainfield, IL

Theres a level of care evident in everything these folks do. From the short explainer videos, to the information contained in the website, and even the way their names are listed throughout its clear theres a human on the other end of the website. While their competitors sell you the number along with their expensive monthly services, these folks just sell you the number while giving you resources to find the best service for your individual needs. As someone just getting started with my business, I really appreciate the straightforwardness of that approach.

Devin Elston

Burbank, CA

TollFreeNumbers.com is the easiest and fastest way to get a Vanity toll free number. It is beyond simple to use and helps stimulate creativity in the selection. This process is our first stop and we highly recommend them.

Robert Snook

Laguna niguel, CA