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Like many in the misdial marketing business they don't have much consumer information visible.

Their website at Rolinium.com just says: "For more information, please contact [email protected]"

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Anyone that contacts them, let us know what kind of a response you got (you don't have to say the number it was for)

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Two Digit CodeRO
Five Digit CodeROL01
Additional Name(s)None
Total Numbers104,731
Trouble Referral #872-256-2561
Mailing Address332 S Michigan Avenue
Suite 1032, Dept. S165
Chicago, IL 60604

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Robert Snook

Laguna niguel, CA

I just didnt believe that I could actually get 800 number that well fitted my exiting local number. my regular phone company said that it is impossible to get 800 and they kept offering me with 855 number. AND all the setup was complete within a week. your emails were very self explanatory Thank you

Prabhakaran Sinnathamby

Tip of my hat to all of the staff at Tollfreenumbers.com! I really appreciate all the assistance and efforts you provided me in setting up my own toll free vanity number. It was easy!

Darcy Kemp