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The Phone Works

They use thepw.com in their email address but other than their 1200 numbers, all 844s and a high % in the top 1%, there's no site at it, so not much else is known about them. We'd like to list any contact information for them if anyone had or finds that.

Best 1% List


The Phone Works

Two Digit CodeTH
Five Digit CodeTHW01
Additional Name(s)None
Total Numbers1,241
Trouble Referral #800-655-6515
Mailing Address217 N Morgan Ave
Havertown, PA 19803

We've helped tens of thousands of customers get great numbers over the past 25+ years

You know, one way I judge whether a company is one that I would use again is not how nice they are when taking my money, but how I'm treated afterwards. The e-mail follow-up from you, Gloria and Bill have been top-notch. Very informational booklet, reminder e-mails, and transfer notifications like the one below, and all with that small company homey feel. Bravo, and I wish you guy/girls the best.

Brian Bennett

Deerfield beach, FL

Thank you for your help in getting a toll free number! The site is so easy to navigate you just cant go wrong. Plus, TollFreeNumbers.com actually reminded ME I need to transfer the number. Thank you!

Galit Mendelson

Iselin, NJ

Thank you for making getting my toll free number so easy. I just got my second number and it required almost no work for me. When I ordered the number, it was not yet released, so I forgot about it. Then you emailed me a couple of times, and then told me I had the number. Thanks again for making getting a memorable number so easy!

Gary Massey

Chattanooga, TN