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The Phone Works

They use thepw.com in their email address but other than their 1200 numbers, all 844s and a high % in the top 1%, there's no site at it, so not much else is known about them. We'd like to list any contact information for them if anyone had or finds that.

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The Phone Works

Two Digit CodeTH
Five Digit CodeTHW01
Additional Name(s)None
Total Numbers1,241
Trouble Referral #800-655-6515
Mailing Address217 N Morgan Ave
Havertown, PA 19803

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Thanks so much for the help on getting a great number for our business. You guys have great communication after the sale and the ordering and transfer process was very easy and painless.

Chris Coad

Tempe, AZ

We are so happy with our new toll free number and the process couldn't have been made any easier for us, you guys were so responsive and always followed up! Thank you,

Andrew Rosener

Miami, FL

Thanks for the follow up, it is genuinely appreciated. Working with Toll Free numbers.com has be a very good experience and I would highly recommend you to anyone. The carrier who will service my new toll free number hopefully will get things sorted out and everything running as it should, they certainly could take a lesson from your firm in customer service and follow up. They have been the most painful part of the process. If you guys ever set up your own carrier network to service the toll free numbers as well, let me know, and Id use you in a minute. Thanks again for everything, and I'll follow your advice and check my new number in a few days to ensure all is as it should be.

Dar Franklin