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My view of pricing

By Bill Quimby on July 25, 2022

My prices are much lower than other people in the business because I charge based on the time and effort things take, not looking at it as how much can I get, like every one else in the vanity world. I also don’t look at numbers as a limited resource.

For all of these reasons my prices are not only significantly lower but I don’t have strings. I’m not selling the service or requiring you to use the service that pays me a commission. Unfortunately that means I have to sell a lot more numbers, and keep selling them too. But that’s okay because I really love this business and love helping customers find the best numbers possible!

Also realize that because our prices are based on the cost to provide the services, and because we have to sell more of them, our prices are NOT negotiable. This isn't a garage sale and everyone knows that we run it as a business and don't play favorites or change prices willy nilly.

We've helped tens of thousands of customers get great numbers over the past 25+ years

tollfreenumbers.com made the process of creating a toll free number simple and easy to do. I got a great number, great customer service and I wlll use them again for my toll free needs. I highly recommend anyone to give them a try. You wont be disappointed!

Sean Kinshella

Las vegas, NV

Thank you for your patience and the time you've spent helping me. You provided a lot of insight and education into the 800 # purchasing process (that I would not have gotten elsewhere). Thanks for making this a painless process!! The personal touch you added (simply by taking the time to answer my phone call) completely eliminated the frustration I had been experiencing in wondering how best to proceed in the number selection process, and how best to address my marketing concerns, etc. Happy to recommend you,

Brian Hariharan

Villa park, IL

For those of us new to getting an 800 # up and running, it was great to have you there every step of the way. Easy to understand process, helpful email reminders and no high pressure sales tactics. When I transferred my # to a new carrier, they knew just who you were and gave me a discount on the processing. Very professional and legit company.

Andrew Goldberg

Clarks summit, PA