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TollFreeNumbers.com Blog: Transferring


It seems to be a rule that big phone companies always blame the other guy

Big phone companies always blame the other guy when transferring toll free numbers.


We release toll free numbers faster than anyone else!

Toll free is all we do, and releasing a number isn’t giving up a customer for us, it’s why people come to us and get numbers from us in the first place. Quite simply, we release numbers faster than anyone.


When they say they sent it in…

When your phone company rep says they sent the Resporg change form in, and are waiting for it to be released, most customers assume that means they sent it to us, and they’re waiting for us to release it. But that’s NOT what it means.


Do you need a PIN number to transfer a toll free number?

Do you need a PIN number to transfer a toll free number?

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