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TollFreeNumbers.com Blog: Searching


This number says it’s “IN USE” or “Not Available,” Can you help me with it?

Can we help you get you your dream number that isn't available? Yes and No.


Yes, They’re watching you!

Searching for toll free numbers on any other website is dangerous.


Know what you want, but Take what you can get

Sometimes you have to take the best you can get for now, and keep your options open for something better in the future.


Take a vanity number Test Drive

The smart way to Test Drive your vanity number prospects and pick the best one!


There are always more fish in the sea.

Let our super thorough and creative vanity number lookup tool show you all the other fish in the sea!


Don’t let not being able to get the perfect number stop you from getting a good number.

So whether it’s just to make it easier to know how far to pursue your main number, or to use until you get the perfect number, don’t let your love for the perfect number keep you from looking at all of the possible alternatives.


You’re much better off asking out single people than married people.

It's much harder to get a number to leave the person they're with and go with you, than you optimistically hope it will be. I understand wanting to pursue that exciting number but when it says IN USE, that means NOT AVAILABLE. It doesn’t mean try harder.