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How to find “Good and Cheap” vanity numbers

By Bill Quimby on March 22, 2023

This article came from a question a visitor had, asking me how to find a good and cheap vanity number. Isn’t this what we all want?! He asked me this after commenting that a lot of the numbers were kind of expensive. Expensive is a very subjective thing, and part of the answer is that you have to look at the value they give. What should something that increases the response rate to all your advertising cost?

But putting the value aside, how do you find the cheapest numbers? That’s simple, you just have to be both creative and thorough. The first things people tend to think of are often the most generic numbers, but generic numbers appeal to more potential customers than more specific brand name numbers, so of course they’re more expensive, because they’re in more demand. That doesn't mean they’re necessarily more valuable, but that’s what the people in the vanity number business look for.

So if you’re looking for a number to rent out by area code, look for something generic because it’ll have more prospects.But if you’re looking for the most valuable number for your business look for your brand name, or something more specific to your business.Or at least just remember and understand 3 words, “Generic equals expensive!”

The other way to find cheaper numbers, besides being more creative, is to be more thorough.That’s generally true in any industry.The more vendors you check with the lower your final price will generally be, whether you’re searching for health insurance or gas.The same is true with toll free numbers in one way.That’s why our lookup tool returns hundreds and hundreds of options for almost anything you put in.Some options are more expensive but a lot of them are only a one time fee of $49!

*** WARNING!!! ***If you search for numbers on other websites that offer the toll free service, instead of just providing the numbers independent of the service, they’ll often lock you in to their service.They won’t say it up front but just searching for a number may cause them to automatically reserve it so you have to get it from them.This is unethical but unfortunately many sites do it!And even worse some of them also don’t tell you that it’s THEIR number, not yours.So you can use it with them but can’t transfer it away.And of course they don’t tell you that until it’s in all your advertising and you’re stuck with that number and therefore their service.Again this is very unethical but unfortunately not uncommon, and why we warn people not to look up vanity numbers on sites trying to sell you the ongoing service, because they always have an incentive to try and keep you there!

The trick to finding the “Good and Cheap” vanity numbers is to beat on our lookup tool.It’ll help you be creative and thorough by just doing a few searches and carefully going through the results.That, and realize that a cheap number may be good and help your business but a real brand name number will make a huge difference for your business!Even if it’s more expensive, the best number may be so much more valuable to your business that it’s far and away, the best value for your business.

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