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1% List of the Top 800 Numbers

By Bill Quimby on July 7, 2022

We went through all 45ish million toll free numbers and made a list of up to 100 of the Top 1% numbers in each resporg. Most are vanity numbers although some are just nice numeric numbers. They’re not necessarily available but it gives you an interesting perspective on their business and how many good numbers they have, what area codes they have the most of, and in some cases if they focus on a specific industry.

Some of them have thousands and thousands of good numbers in the top 1%, and some have hardly any. There are 8,000,000 numbers, so the top 1% is 80,000 numbers. These are numbers in that top 1% or 80K best numbers. The number you were interested might be in that list or it might not. A couple of the largest resporgs have over 100K of numbers in the top 1% and we only show up to 100 of them here to give you an idea of their best ones. If you click on the number, you can see the current search results for that number. We’re not updating the resporg data and these lists every month so some may change.

Nobody else has ever done this much research and analysis, at least they never shared any of it publicly if they did. We’re ultimately number geeks so we really just wanted to share this because we thought it was cool. We did this mostly because we could, but also because we hope it’s helpful to anyone trying to track down a good number for their business.

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