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Bulk phone number LIST Analysis

By Bill Quimby on March 22, 2023

This is a tool designed for someone with a big list of numbers.Anyone in the vanity number business looking for good numbers has found numbers and forgotten what they spell.If it’s just a single number enter it into the lookup tool on the top of the page at TollFreeNumbers.com and click the Spelling Tab.It’ll show you what it spells.But what do you do if you have a big list of numbers?We are proud to give you a unique new tool to instantly show you the vanity numbers in a list of numbers.

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You can enter a hundred numbers at a time, and not only see what they spell but see them sorted by value, so you can instantly see the best vanity numbers in your list.If you have more than a couple hundred numbers (up to 64,000 numbers at a time) email me the list and I’ll check and sort them all, and email you the results back for a onetime fee of $29.00.

Nobody else in the vanity number business does this, mostly because nobody in the vanity number business wants to help other people in the vanity number business.The amount of data and analysis it’s taken to develop this is absolutely enormous and couldn’t even have been done a few years ago.This is big data at it’s best and insanely valuable for anyone in the vanity number business.But I’m happy to help everyone in the vanity number business.I only have to charge a nominal amount just to keep people from abusing it.

Email Bill @ TollFreeNumbers.com with a list (or a ResporgID) and I’ll find more vanity numbers in your list than you even thought you had.We have vanity numbers for 400,000 or 5% of all possible numbers and will find a lot of value in your list for you!

We've helped tens of thousands of customers get great numbers over the past 25+ years

I really wanted to obtain a vanity toll-free number and found Tollfreenumbers.com to be the right (and best) choice. The navigation on the site in selecting and purchasing my number was a breeze and allowed me to test out many different phrases for my brand. After selecting the right vanity number for my company, the checkout process was seamless. I also loved receiving the comprehensive information on how to transfer my number with all the docs in one place making it extremely convenient to provide to my new carrier. The customer service was fast, responsive and excellent. I would recommend Tollfreenumbers.com to new and existing businesses on a budget or just wanting great value for the buck!

Jada Black

Long beach, CA

It was a simple and easy process getting our new toll free number set up. We were able to get a great vanity number and were extremely pleased at the price. Thanks for the great product.

D. Burton

Clearfield, UT

Thank you both for making the buying of a TFN so easy. Also thank you for telling me about UNITEL They are great and have been SO EASY to deal with in this process. I love their console and all the ways I can manage the TFN.

David P. Willis

Houston, TX