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By Bill Quimby on September 26, 2023

I know you didn’t come here for creativity. You came here to look up a number. But it’s not the 1990s and you’re a little late to get good vanity toll free numbers the way you could back then. The bad news is that you’ll have to be more creative than you thought. The good news is that, it doesn’t take a generic term to build a successful business. That extra creativity will make it MORE memorable and MORE valuable than the generic term you thought of first.

If I was starting a legal referral service, where I marketed numbers or leads to lawyers, I'd want the most generic terms possible, using terms you see in all lawyers advertising. But if I was promoting my own law firm or legal service of any kind, I'd look for the most unique terms or names possible, that everyone else ISN’T using in their advertising.

Generic terms used to be popular in business names up until the 1950s. Since then advertising really blossomed and especially when the internet hit, advertisers found that the more unique brandable terms were the best. If you look at the names of the Fortune 500 companies back when the list first started in 1960, it was all generic terms. Then compare that to the Unicorn list, the most successful billion dollar startups today, there are absolutely NO generic terms!

Try your firms name, the names of the key people, and look at your advertising. Do you have anything unique in your message? Why should anyone use you rather than your competitors? That's what your advertising, your message and even your identity should focus on. Hammer THAT home in a unique way and you have a KILLER marketing package that'll multiply the results of your advertising for the life of your business.

That's not easy, I admit. But that's the direction to go in, not toward generic-ness. I know that's a lot and you probably weren't looking for all this, but I love this niche and just want to help you, even late at night!

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Forrest Folsom

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We appreciate you making us aware of the new 855 numbers and we're excited to have 855-Viamark now. This is the second number we've purchased from your company and you always make the process very easy.

Glenn Anderson

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Michael Dowset

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