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Inactive Resporgs

By Bill Quimby on July 5, 2022

As part of working with the monthly data, we analyzed the whole number database, breaking it down by resporg and found some very interesting things.10% of the resporgs have 14 numbers.That means they were given two test numbers per area code, when the resporg was created and they probably never added or changed anything.They’re not only inactive but they have NEVER had any activity at all.

There are 15 more resporgs that have less than 14 numbers or less and another dozen with zero numbers.They are resporgs that have had at least some activity since 833 numbers came out.All together, 17% of the resporgs are ghost resporgs.They’re either dead or in many cases never lived at all, and just linger on paper.

It makes me wonder like the tree falling in the forest, does a resporg exists without any numbers, make any noise or really exist?

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