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Inactive Resporgs

By Bill Quimby on July 5, 2022

As part of working with the monthly data, we analyzed the whole number database, breaking it down by resporg and found some very interesting things.10% of the resporgs have 14 numbers.That means they were given two test numbers per area code, when the resporg was created and they probably never added or changed anything.They’re not only inactive but they have NEVER had any activity at all.

There are 15 more resporgs that have less than 14 numbers or less and another dozen with zero numbers.They are resporgs that have had at least some activity since 833 numbers came out.All together, 17% of the resporgs are ghost resporgs.They’re either dead or in many cases never lived at all, and just linger on paper.

It makes me wonder like the tree falling in the forest, does a resporg exists without any numbers, make any noise or really exist?

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J Burns

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Rita, Bill and the team at TollFreeNumbers.com have been extraordinary to work with. From securing an excellent vanity number for us to working with us on extending it when we'd been to busy to transfer the number to ultimately following through with the steps to porting on their end extremely quickly when the time was right. Each step of the way they were wonderfully communicative, and even provided numerous courtesy follow up emails that were above and beyond what would normally be expected. I highly recommend working with them for your TFN and vanity number needs.

Jeff Smith

Forest city, PA

I want to leave a testimony for you and your team at tollfreenumbers.com. I have been an executive at some of the largest telecom companies for over 12 years before taking my new position at www.Nasplex.com and www.PurposeWorks.org . I can not tell you how refreshing it is to work with a company like yours. To be able to talk to you and your staff directly each and every time we call is amazing. Its funny b/c most communication companies do not know the first thing about communicating with their customers. It is difference with tollfreenumbers.com. We were able to get a true 800 number within minutes and the number was activated on the spot. But that is not the best part. Transferring it to our provider was so simple and easy that our provider was absolutely shocked. We were so pleased with your service, your updates, your Welcome email and manual that we referred your company to our largest client www.JSM.org . They also were able to get the number they wanted and were so happy that they own the number and you and your staff did not try and force them to get service through some high rate provider. Thank you and great JOB

Travis Broussard

La place, LA