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Don’t let not being able to get the perfect number stop you from getting a good number.

By Bill Quimby on April 25, 2023

Even if you still think you’re going to get the perfect number, you still have to know what your alternatives are before you can make the final decision. The odds are that you will have to pay something and make decisions about how far to pursue that perfect number, and that’s a lot harder to do if you don’t know what the alternatives are. That’s why, even if you have your heart set on a specific number, you have to at least review the alternatives.

You also have to realize that most people do NOT get the perfect number.In fact, marketing hype aside, we don’t get the perfect anything. You don’t have the perfect employees, there is no perfect delivery truck, or business partner, or vendors.You don’t have to have the perfect timing to be successful. You don’t need the anything. We just get the best of each thing we can, making smart choices, and put them together to make something greater than the sum of the pieces. And realize that it’s easier to change phone numbers than almost anything else. If the “Perfect” number comes along in the future you don’t have to give up your current one to transition to the better one.

Phone numbers aren’t like women, the old one doesn’t get jealous if you add a new one. You can add a new number in all the future advertising while the old one continues to work, until everyone has been transitioned over to the new one. This lets you test and compare the different numbers and insures you never lose a call or any promotional value. Too bad you can’t make all your changes that easily!

So whether it’s just to make it easier to know how far to pursue your main number, or to use until you get the perfect number, don’t let your love for the perfect number keep you from looking at all of the possible alternatives.

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Chris Tiefel

Lima, OH

Bill Quimby and tollfreenumbers.com delivered HEROIC service before during and after our toll free number acquisition. When we initially acquired our toll free number the phone company wasn't performing and Bill stepped-in and got the number working immediately. That's not all. When we moved offices two years later the new phone company again didnt perform and our number quit working. After spending hours on the phone with no results I called tollfreenumbers.com. Within a very short period of time Bill and tollfreenumbers.com had our toll free number working. All I can say is if you want a toll free number then tollfreenumbers.com is the only choice for service. Again The Roof Maker sincerely thanks Bill and tollfreenumbers.com for their continued HEROIC service!

Greg Schabarum

Southport, NC

What a comforting option to have a provider like tollfreenumbers.com for my multiple businesses... I'm a former marketing manager, today converted as a psychologist, and I believe that having a great 1-800 number for your marketing is really efficient... With tollfreenumbers.com, when I need a specific toll free number, I know they're there and that the steps to follow to get my number are going to be easy...

Veronique Menard