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Local numbers recently issued to Phone Companies

By Bill Quimby on October 11, 2023

We have tracked the over 2 billion local numbers in the north American numbering plan to find which local numbers matching your request have been issued to local phone companies recently. We can help you find local numbers that are already for sale or just give you the inside information about which phone companies have been issued the numbers you’re looking for. We go get them all but with this information we can help you be in the right place at the right time to get them for free!

We focus on the most recently released numbers because numbers issued to phone companies 20 years ago, have already been issued to customers and probably transferred between multiple phone companies over the years, making them much harder to track down. Numbers recently issued to local phone companies on the other hand are probably being given out by that local phone company or a partner of theirs soon.

Phone companies are in the business of giving numbers to their customers. They probably can’t search for local numbers because they have such a tiny portion of the local numbers, and are only giving out an even smaller slice of the numbers they’ve been assigned. They don’t have all this information the way we do. Nobody does really. That’s why local phone companies can’t go track things down, but if you just happen to ask the right people at the right time, you might just get lucky!

You also have to realize it’s a numbers game, no pun intended. You might have to ask a number of people at that company, or you might have to figure out if a partner of theirs has it and go ask there. You might have to go through a number of NO’s to find someone with the right access and right knowledge of their system to track it down. No doesn’t mean it’s not there, it usually just mean they can’t find it or don’t know how to track it down. And that’s also why you probably won’t be able to get all of the numbers you go after, so you may need some flexibility in your area code or the vanity numbers you look for.

The good news is that there are over 5 million numbers being issued to phone companies and given out to customers every month, and with the right information and a little bit of persistence and patience, we can help you to be at the right time and the right place to get a memorable number for your business!

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You guys are great. This is the third number Ive bought from you, but it was the first time that I backordered. Thank you for getting the number, and thanks for making this so easy!

Jedediah Main

Winter park, FL

Our website isn't up yet, but you guys were, by far, the best vendors we have dealt with during this whole process of opening up our business. Thank you

Adriana Gonzalez

Boca raton, FL

You guys have a great team there! Everything went just as smoothly as you said it would. Your Toll Free Manual not only did a great job of explaining the process, but also served to verify ownership of my new number once I made the switchover to my new carrier. Very smooth transaction. Wouldn't dream of recommending anyone else but you.

Steve Cavenee

Orange, CA