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Tips for contacting the Carrier for a local number

By Bill Quimby on September 26, 2023

I list the websites for the local phone companies you may need to contact because that’s the easiest way to reach most companies. Start by contacting their customer service and or sales numbers on the website. There are multiple doors at most big phone companies and there’s no one door that always works. It may take a few no’s and door slammed to find someone that will help and has the right access.

Don’t run out to the local store for that phone company. Most of them aren’t owned and run by the phone company themselves. They are usually run by outside organizations that work on a commission selling service and they usually don’t have access to all the internal tools that customer service probably does.

If they say they don’t have it, or it’s with a large customer, it may be with sub carrier. All the major carriers also work with sub carriers, and you don't care if it's with Cricket, Pure Talk, Patriot Mobil, Mint, Boost, or Consumer Cellular. You would be fine with getting it from whoever has it, so you just need to know WHO has it. That’s also why customer service might not see it and will say they don’t have it, because they may have given it to someone else.

As a last ditch hail mary, write to the office of the President of the company. They usually have assistants that handle special requests and can get things done sometimes that they can’t get other ways. A complimentary letter and a $5 gift card for Dunkin Donuts, saying you just want to buy them a cup of coffee for a minute of their time, might open the doors that a million calls to customer service couldn’t do. It’s worth a shot, if nothing else worked.

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