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Local Vanity Numbers For Sale

By Bill Quimby on October 11, 2023

We list a large number of local vanity numbers For Sale. These usually have a fixed price but we also allow customers to make an offer. Some owners don’t have prices, but we strongly encourage them to establish fixed upfront prices.

An owner doesn’t have to accept an offer, and you will probably have to talk to them. Some owners are more negotiable than others. If you really have to have a number, you should consider the asking price. If it’s just a nice number, at least make an offer. The vendor will probably invoice you directly and tell you how to set up and transfer the number.

We've helped tens of thousands of customers get great numbers over the past 25+ years

I was a little nervous buying a phone number off the internet but it went Great. I wish my local Phone provider had communication like you do. It was easy to buy it and get my ownership papers. Almost instantly. To get it Transferred to my phone company in Canada was easy once You ( not them) explained the steps to be done. Thanks for your help

Troy Theodore

Roswell, GA

I always love using the service by 1800-Marketers as I can ensure I receive great numbers in a timely manner! Thank you so much for always providing an amazing experience and making the process so smooth!

Jack Martirosian

Alternate Network Technologies

Glendale, CA

I am a personal injury lawyer in South Florida and I wanted a vanity number for my small firm and here is what I have to say 1. there is nothing like www.tollfreenumbers.com 2. Bill Gloria and Rita are polite, professional, accommodating, trustworthy, dedicated, decent and knowledgeable 3. They helped us get our dream number and saved us bags of money 4. They gave our identity back to us 5. Their self help module is a God send, and I could not find anything like it on the net. 6. Thank you Bill.

Mike Valkanet

Round lake, IL