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The long term value of Vanity Numbers

By Bill Quimby on October 13, 2023

Very few other things you get or purchase for your business not only last but become even more valuable as you use them. You’ll probably invest in a lot of equipment and supplies to start any business. Every business has expenses but almost none of them last forever. Your vanity number can be an asset like real estate that is always valuable.

The right vanity number not only lasts indefinitely, but it becomes more valuable and more memorable, the more you advertise it. Vanity numbers are often sold off when a business goes out of business because they’re not less valuable after they’re used or advertised, they’re MORE valuable after they’re advertised.

A lot of businesses contact us looking to acquire the toll free numbers of competitors that go out of business, even if they’re not vanity numbers, because they continue to get callers looking for their services. Misdials is a whole business in and of itself, but it’s easy to see that you get a lot more long term calls when your number is more memorable.

A memorable vanity number can be an asset that not only holds its value but goes up in value over time. It not only increases your sales, but it also increases the value of your business. Having a domain name is expected and all your competitors have domain names, getting one doesn’t give you much of an advantage. But all your competitors probably don’t have vanity numbers and the advantage that gives you doesn’t just let you keep up with your competitors it puts you ahead of them.

So don’t look at the cost of a vanity number as an expense, it’s an investment in your business that will only increase over time and will probably last longer than anything else you do this month for your business. That’s also why you want to be thorough in your number search and work with someone that understands the importance of the right brand name number.

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We have purchased several vanity numbers thru Tollfreenumbers.com and have been extremely pleased. We liked that a Carrier was recommended. The staff is friendly and helpful. Tollfreenumbers.com is highly recommended.

David Dise

Richmond, VA

Thank you so much for your exceptional service. I found it extremely easy to use in selecting the custom toll free number I was looking for. I have already recommended your site to a number of other business owners I associate with.

Marlin Redpath

You, Bill and Gloria have been great. Ive been dealing with phone carriers since 1992 and have yet to find a company that, not only does what they say, but literally hand walks their customers through the porting process. Your initial information and updates make it almost impossible to NOT get a toll free number ported over to a carrier. In fact I had to make four calls to my carrier just to get them to tell me what information they wanted from me in order to port the number to them. I look forward to seeing how long it will take them to get the number up and working since it took you guys less than 30 minutes. I will definitely recommend your company to anyone I know of looking for a toll free number and will keep your information handy. Thank you for a very efficient and professional job well done.

Jeff Gjoen

Palm harbor, FL