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A good 800 number will make you look BIGGER!

By Bill Quimby on April 24, 2023

One of the biggest benefits of a good vanity number or premium number is that it makes you look like a bigger and more successful business.Your image is important and it’s most important for new customers. Your potential customers are looking for someone successful in your industry and a good vanity number is one of the biggest most visible signals to new customers. It’s even more important if you don’t have a physical location, because that’s your front door and your call to action.It’s probably the most important single thing in your advertising.

There aren’t many ways to stand out in an advertising, but a memorable vanity number that combines your name and your call to action together in one memorable phrase is the focus of your advertising and can make a huge difference to your whole business. It took more than just a good number to build 1-800 FLOWERS, but the number made a huge difference. We’re here to help you find a business changing number for you too!

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Rysa Pitner

Fargo, ND

We found the process to be quick and easy to get a GREAT toll free number. We are very satisfied with 1 800Marketer and will both use them again and recommend them to others.

Chris Tiefel

Lima, OH

We are in the process of launch our new Geo Domain, PanamaCityBeach.com, with our reservation system. I've been dealing state paperwork, merchant applications, software programmers, lawyers, accountants, excuses and delays. So imagine taking a breath of fresh air off our beautiful emerald blue waters right after a light rain. to place an order, have it processed and the 800# ACTIVATED within minutes. No hassle, no paperwork, no excuses, delays and for only $99, REFRESHING! THANKS Bill, Rita, and everyone at TollFreeNumbers.com

Charles Mason

Colorado springs, CO