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Working with Number Partners

By Bill Quimby on January 16, 2023

Our goal is to make a system that allows us to work with and assist everyone within the vanity number business.We don’t need a list of your toll free numbers or what they spell, if you’re a resporg or have them all on a specific subID.We already know what they spell and show the numbers associated with each Resporg and can change or mark them Requestable, by Resporg or SubID.In the future we hope to be able to list individual numbers, regardless of what Resporg they are associated with, as Requestable though we’re not quite there yet.

We don’t control or show the price or terms for any third party or partner’s toll free numbers.We just connect the customer with the appropriate person in the partner responsible for the number requested.The partner responds with their fees and/or terms.We try to ensure that only relevant leads are passed to the partner and that everyone communicates effectively.We advise the customer about the process, and any other options, answering questions and acting as their advisor.

We are taking Requests, not orders and basically help connect the customer with owner.We can act as an intermediary if necessary, and can even take the order (if it’s a onetime fee) if that’s helpful.But most partners prefer to handle the transaction themselves.We don’t require that all numbers on your resporg or subid be ‘available’ but it is advisable and good practice to keep numbers organized by subid.If too many requests are unavailable, we will advice the customer that the number may not actually be available, or we may if necessary, discontinue accepting requests for their numbers. We don't require control or proof of ownership to list numbers, unless you decline too many numbers (only because we have to keep customers happy too).

In terms of commissions, terms, and requirements we’re very easy. We only request a 25% commission for leads I give you, or if instead of just giving you the lead, I close the sale and/or process the payment for you, 35%. It's YOUR sale.

For Local numbers, we do need a list of numbers or in some cases an API to check availability of numbers.For local numbers we also prefer to show a price because they’ll sell better and our lookup will be more helpful with upfront pricing.We can assist with that, giving you the primary vanity term and our estimated value for your list.However, the price and availability again, is not cast in stone.We will contact you to confirm the number’s availability and price and connect you with the customer.There may be some super high end numbers you don't want to set a price on, but for most, the goal is just to move as many as possible.

Unlike almost everyone else in the business, I'm not selling “my” numbers. My goal is to help customers find the best available numbers for their business, no matter who has them.I'm working hard to make the best search process possible and be a real resource for everyone in the industry. In the future I hope to offer the search tool to some partners via an API, to allow vendors to use our search process on their website as well.This is all a fairly new and evolving though and we appreciate your patience as we work to develop the best possible tool for everyone to find the best possible numbers for their business.

We've helped tens of thousands of customers get great numbers over the past 25+ years

Without a doubt, ordering a toll free number from Bill and his team was one of the best and easiest experiences I have had in a long time. The customer service was excellent! I would highly recommend their services to anyone. You will not be disappointed.

Bryant Brown

Augusta, GA

Great service, Got my number immediately, I especially found their step by step guide to owning and transferring 800 service very helpful.


Chattanooga Sky Diving Company

Chattanooga, TN

Thank you very much to the tollfreenumbers.com team. Based upon their hard work, I now have a working toll-free number and my business has already begun to jump based upon the vanity number. The process was fast and everyone performed exactly as promised. If I need another toll free number, I will definitely return to them.

David Grimmett

Nashville, TN