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Advertising is based on Repetition, repetition, repetition

By Bill Quimby on October 13, 2023

Advertising requires and is based on repetition. The more you repeat something, the more likely your audience is to remember it. That’s also why advertisers try so hard to make their message more memorable, so it sticks with people with less advertising or is that more memorable after the same amount of advertising.

Even a mediocre vanity number is more memorable than the numeric digits of the number, because people remember relevant words and phrases much more than random numbers. But the best vanity numbers don’t just translate to words, they represent the message of the advertising. The message of the advertising is the whole focus of the ad. A vanity number that matches the whole message gets way more time and repetition than a vanity number that’s only repeated in the last few seconds of the ad, as the call to action.

You need a unique message, because if your message is the same as your competitors it all blends together and they cancel themselves out. But if your whole commercial is focused on a unique and clear message that message, it’s much more memorable and effective than having one message and a separate vanity number, call to action. Your message/vanity number gets more repetition and attention when the whole advertising focuses on that one theme.

Your message isn’t the industry you’re in, it’s why the audience should choose you over anyone else in your business. It’s not easy to capture that in a unique way but that’s what makes a killer ad and a vanity number that matches and reinforces that killer theme will be a game changer!

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