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Requesting Expensive Generic Numbers

By Bill Quimby on November 1, 2023

Buying a number from a broker is the most expensive way to get a good number, just like buying a domain name from a broker is a lot more than registering yourself. The Request are geared toward descent sized companies that really HAVE TO have a specific number. If you had the number, whether you got it to resell or had it to promote your business, would you sell it for less? You'd want to price it high enough that it has to be a serious need for it. You'd want to find someone that does a descent amount of advertising that could get a lot of benefit from it. They vary a little bit but that's what the vanity number vendors are doing.

If that's too much, the most obvious answer is to be more creative and look for alternatives that are a lot less expensive. We work really hard to find tons of good options related to almost every term that are available for just $49 or a couple hundred dollars. My average sale is much less than the average 3rd party number. So beat on the lookup tool and look for the green or yellow options, not the blue ones.

One other option, if you really want that number but can't afford it up front, is to ask if they would give you a monthly option. Some vendors give that upfront, but some might not talk about that up front but will give you that if you ask. It doesn't hurt to ask.

You also have to realize that most vendors have more numbers than they time or the ability to promote. So they are probably more negotiable than most things you look for in starting your business. Make an offer or stay in touch and leave the door open to get a better deal down the road, or to offer more once your business is more developed.

I have worked with many of the vanity number services for a long time. But I'm not pushing anything, I just want to help you get whatever is best for your business. Beat on our lookup tool and let me know what questions you have or really anything you need.

We've helped tens of thousands of customers get great numbers over the past 25+ years

Working with TollFreeNumbers.com has been a pleasure. Everything from purchase to transfer went very smoothly, and I will certainly be doing business with them again as well as referring my colleagues in the industry.

TJ Ogilvie

Tempe, AZ

Holy crap! I have to be honest, I was reading through your testimonials and thought there is no way it can be that easy. I actually put this off for three months because I didn't know where to go or how to even start. I don't think the whole process even took five minutes! Finally somebody who delivers what they promised, thank you again

Dennis Snyder

Emmaus, PA

We love you guys! This is our second toll-free and we are so happy to work with you again. We appreciate your phenomenal and attentive customer service! Keep up the great work!

Wendy Meyers

San antonio, TX