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By Bill Quimby on February 6, 2024

You can look things up at any of the 800 number vendors out there. They’ll all have a limited pool of numbers for sale, and most of them will automatically reserve anything from the spare pool and use that to lock you into their expensive service. You can’t tell which vendors are legit and you’ll get a lot of high pressure salespeople pushing their numbers.

Or you can look things up on our site, which isn’t monitored and shows you the numbers from EVERY reputable vendor in one place. We don’t automatically reserve numbers and we’re the only ones not trying to sell you our service and keep you here. Nobody else shows anywhere near as many numbers, gives as much information, or helps you get numbers from anyone else like we do.

Not only is our lookup tool faster, better and smarter, but I’m here to help you, as a toll free consultant, not to sell you and lock you into our service, like literally every other site or vendor. I’ve done this for 29 years and helped more customers find great numbers than anyone else for a reason. Use our lookup tool to search the entire toll free world and let me know via chat, phone or email, any questions and a little of the concept you’re looking for. I’ll be your toll free consultant, helping you find the truly best possible, most memorable numbers for your business.

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Everything is working great! TollFreeNumbers.com has been very prompt and helpful throughout the process. Will be getting a few more numbers with you in the future. I would highly recommend TollFreeNumbers.com. Thanks.


Santa ana, CA

The search engine was really cool. It shows several options with the word used as well as premium numbers, twisted numbers and disconnected numbers. This made it really easy to select a great number. We highly recommend TollFreeNumbers.com for anyone looking for a great number. We are very happy and satisfied with the service. Thank you

Shachar Golan

New york, NY

Thank you for making the process of purchasing our new number so easy. The process took no time at all and your customer service has been fantastic.

Aaron Weinberger

Florham park, NJ