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You’re much better off asking out single people than married people.

By Bill Quimby on April 25, 2023

Although you may think he or she is the only one for you, and you simply HAVE TO HAVE THEM… there are always more options than you realize when you’re focused on “THE ONE!”The saying about there being more fish in the sea applies to that perfect phone number too.

I can’t tell you how many times someone comes to me determined to track down a number that’s NOT available, determined to make that unavailable number theirs. They’ll completely ignore hundreds of good numbers that are available to pursue and focus on the one that isn’t available. I try to explain that it’s like asking out a married person. They never understand how much harder it is to make that unavailable number available. They are blindly optimistically assuming that because the person doesn’t answer the phone from their area at the moment or they’re not using it for a large business, that it must be worth more to them than the people who aren’t using it much, and therefore must be negotiable.

Unfortunately that almost never goes the way they hope it will, because the truth is that it’s much harder to do the equivalent of getting someone to leave the one they’re with to be with you. That’s why I say, “You’re always better asking out single (available) people than married people. ”I understand wanting to pursue that exciting number but when it says IN USE, that means NOT AVAILABLE.It doesn’t mean try harder.

That then leads to the next point in this conversation, “Don’t let not being able to get the perfect number stop you from getting a good number.”

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It was a pleasure working with tollfreenumbers.com ( 1-800 MARKETER), and their knowledge and persistence sorting through a very difficult regulatory environment is really appreciated. Without their dedication to do things right Midwest Asset would not have secured its 833-to-quant number.

James Byrd

Verona, WI

Bill and Rita were fantastic to deal with! In fact, my entire experience with TollFreeNumbers.com could not have been any better. Every point in the transaction was dealt with efficiently and professionally. In fact, our new toll free number was active within four hours of ordering, and porting it over to a new carrier took less than two days! Every contact with TollFreeNumbers.com was easier than I could have imagined. The overall utility and functionality of the web site is nothing compared to the absolutely terrific customer service! Thanks so much for all of your help.

Kevin Sykes

Plano, TX

there is no other company i will ever use for 800 toll free service. You guys are awesome! i tried a few other companies first and there is no comparison. you are humble, great service, friendly, down to earth, get the job done people that are not looking rake me over the coals. I am 150% satisfied I give you AAA+++++ ratings! thanks for all your personal attention to detail!

Fred Schmidt

Traverse city, MI