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Know what you want, but Take what you can get

By Bill Quimby on April 27, 2023

Sometimes you have to take the best you can get for now, and keep your options open for something better in the future. We’ve all been in situations like this. We often can’t get the best and have to settle for the best we can get, whether you’re looking for the perfect home, or the perfect car or just standing in the produce department looking for the perfect fruit. Of course we all want everything perfect, but in the real world we have to adjust our goal to getting the best available, not the perfect…

Unfortunately when you pick some things, you’re stuck with them or it’s hard to change. The most obvious example of that is a spouse, but we won’t go there. If you pick a house or car, you can’t change them very easily. You can only afford one, so you would have to give up your current one to change it for another. Fortunately toll free numbers aren’t like that. Since most of the expense with a toll free number is the incoming calls, you can very easily have multiple toll free numbers. Most businesses have multiple numbers. And even if a number is in all your advertising, you don’t have to throw out your old advertising because the number still works. When you upgrade to a new better number you set up both and keep the old one until it stops getting calls.

So changing or adding a better number to your advertising is much easier than most other changes in your business or life. So relax! You DON’T have to get the perfect number right now, even if your advertising is about to start.You can add a better number in the future and transition over to it very easily!None of the old advertising is lost. So take the best number you can get but keep checking because there’s a constant turnover and the impossible ideal number may become available in the future. That’s what we’re here for, to make it easy to stay on top of this and show you the new numbers coming out each month.  Check back periodically and we’ll make it easy to check on that perfect number for you!

We've helped tens of thousands of customers get great numbers over the past 25+ years

I have read some of the negative material posted about you on the web and while I cannot speak for the experiences of others, I found your service to be very helpful and exactly as advertised. It is a service which has been needed for many years. I found a toll free number which suited my purposes, registered the number, tested the operation of the number (it worked exactly as advertised) and ultimately transferred service to another provider. I did have a little trouble because I am not the most net-savvy person, but I called your phone number, you personally answered the phone, and talked me through the process. Thanks for making the process so easy. I have already recommended you to at lease one other person and would do so again if the occasion arises.

David A. Tilem

Glendale, CA

I want to thank TollFreeNumbers.com and the whole staff for making the purchase of an 800 number simple, easy and very informative. Your number watch emails came like clockwork and notified me when the number I wanted was available. The purchase was easy and your guided me every step. You are a great resource and I will recommend you to anyone and everyone!

Eric Blum

Morrisville, PA

The service your company provides is awesome. I spent numerous hours on other sites looking for a toll free vanity number, and their websites were cumbersome and most of the search results were not even remotely similar to what I was looking for. Within 30 minutes on your site, I not only found a great number but I had purchased the number within that time period also. The company that is going to host my number told me that your company is very easy to work with and that it should only take a day or two to transfer the number. I was told it takes up to two weeks to transfer from other companies. Thanks for the great service.

Richard Paxton

Austin, TX