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Posted by Bill Quimby on

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We want to help you learn the vanity number business and how to get a good number, but we also want to share some of the wisdom of our past customers. It’s not just the number of past customers that a business has, that counts. There are a lot of big phone companies that have way more customers than we do. But phone companies today do a wider variety of things for their customers than ever before, and you probably won’t deal with the same people at a large phone company or necessarily need the same type of services they used.

On the other hand, virtually all of our customers are looking for the same thing and dealing with the same people. So, their experiences are much more helpful and indicative of what you’ll find, than they are with other larger companies. That’s why we show testimonials and comments on practically every page of our website.You obviously have to take testimonials with a grain of salt today, but they can be very educational not just about us, but about the whole process you’re going through as well.

Every one of these matters to us, because they're REAL PEOPLE! Don’t just look at one or two of them on our page though.We use a 3rd party review site called BusinessReviews.org to collect and store them. They’re a very simple and straightforward review collection site. You can add a review or look through as many of them as you want, to get a better feel for them, than just one or two on our site. Search for your city or town or a keyword of your business and when we ask you for any comments after your numbers is transferred, please feel free to share your honest experience.We appreciate them greatly and hopefully your experience can help someone else in the future as well.

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We've helped tens of thousands of customers get great numbers over the past 25+ years

tollfreenumbers.com delivers exactly what they advertise. Getting a number from them is seamless and they give you all the info you need. It also gives you a great deal of flexibility with a number that you own when dealing with carriers.

Luther Hector

Better Business Funding

Silver spring, MD

Tollfreenumbers.com not only provided professional service but also personalized service. The buying of the number, to temporary parking, to ultimately porting to a new carrier was seemless, guided and without any surprises of hidden costs. I have already recommended Tollfreenumbers.com to others. Thanks for making this complex backend process of buying toll free numbers simple and understandable to folks like me.

P. Shah

Northville, MI

I have been extremely happy with how easy this process has been for me! Your service has been over and above my expectations (and I have high expectations!) and the transition has been a breeze. I love the personal contact from each of you. That makes a world of difference in business relationships and has even given me inspiration to model by business in the same manner. Thank you for my pinktastic" new phone number! I love it"

Beka Doolittle

Elkhorn, NE