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The Three Basic Types of Numbers

By Bill Quimby on April 26, 2022

Available #s

Regular AVAILABLE numbers are immediately AVAILABLE for a ONE TIME fee of $49. The price of activation hasn't gone up in over 20 years, as long as we've offered this! There are also "1-800" numbers which we call True800 numbers. They're technically not in the available status, and are more accurately premium numbers but they're immediately available like regular activations.

Disconnected #s

Disconnected numbers aren't immediately available but they're in the aging process before they become available. They're essentially, coming soon. unfortunately the good numbers get sucked up within seconds of being released so unfortunately you usually have to look ahead to the ones that aren't out yet to get good numbers.

It doesn't cost anything to backorder a number. If you backorder it we'll do the research and tell you exactly when it comes out and then try to grab it for you in the first second or two when it becomes available. There is NO CHARGE if we're not able to get it. We'll do an authorization only charge before it comes out, and only capture it if we're able to get it whwhen it comes out. It's more work to do it this way, but it's the fairest way to not charge you anything and just void the authorization, if we don't get it.

Premium #s

We also have a few "nice" numeric numbers. We've broken them down into 4 different levels, 1 star ($99), 2 star ($299), 3 star ($599), and 4 star ($999) numbers. Nice numeric numbers are difficult to get because they are visible to phone companies and they valuable for any customer of any phone company. So there is a lot of competition to get good numeric numbers. You can order these right online like Available numbers. We show a selection of premium numbers on the lookup tool but don't maintain or distribute a master list.

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