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There are no discounts on backorders

By Bill Quimby on November 2, 2023

There are NO discounts of any kind on Backorders. We really appreciate our customers and have had worked hard not to raise prices even though prices seem to be going up everywhere.

Volume discounts don’t apply since backorders aren’t filled in quantity. Even if you place a quantity of backorders, because they come out of the aging process at all different times, so there really isn’t a volume benefit the way there is for regular activations.

Discounts on backorders are also extremely difficult to do, since the discount isn’t entered by the customer, and honestly we never remember discount codes and which customers were preferred customers, etc. So in order to both simplify this, and to try and keep from having to raise the prices, even as our expense are going up, we no longer offer discounts of any kind on backorders.

We’re happy to help you and regret any inconvenience this causes. We’ll continue to do our best to get you the best possible numbers for your business.

We've helped tens of thousands of customers get great numbers over the past 25+ years

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Jeff Buchanan

Roseville, CA

Opening a business can be a very confusing ordeal. Dealing with the large phone conglomerates out there is a nightmare. My company Mr.Sandless Manhattan had contacted you for my business communication needs. I had everything we needed the same day. You were swift in configuring my vanity toll free number. Your start up fee and rates were the lowest and saved me a ton of money and time. You have no idea how easy you made it for us. Thanks

J Burns

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The website was very informative and let me know the pros & cons of purchasing your number. I like the freedom to move the number when my needs change. It was easy to use and I found just what I needed. Staff was helpful in getting things set up. Thanks again!

Steve Okoroha

Richmond, TX